May 4, 2007

More APOD bashing

As everyone around here knows, I am no fan of the Astronomy Picture of the Day. (See 1, 2, 3). The picture of the day? Who do these people think they are?

What about "Sunrise from the Surface of Gliese 581c" (recently discovered Earth-like planet) is a "picture"? Paintings don't count, nerd. Astronomy paintings are the
sort of cheesy "artist's conceptions" that belong on the covers of bad sci-fi paperbacks, or the walls of people who own "healing crystals." The only thing missing is a winged unicorn flying over a rainbow.

Neither this, nor this, nor this are "pictures" (especially not when you run it multiple times). These ones aren't astronomy. And these things are just retarded.

I didn't start out looking to embarrass APOD like this (it just happened), the actual point is to draw attention to the strange fact that there is an Astronomy Picture of the Day discussion board. Does the internet not have enough interactivity at this point?
Is there anyone out there who still feels somehow unable to express themselves? We can all leave our moronic comments on articles from our equally moronic mainstream newspapers without even leaving the basement. As other people have pointed out, we have even created that absolute cesspool of human communication, YouTube comments; where you can garner responses of hate speech, chain letters, porn ads, and racial slurs, several hours after posting a clip of a child learning to ride a bicycle, as long as enough people watch it.

So come to think of it, APOD's discussion board isn't so bad in comparison. I just find it funny that an online community could spring into existence surrounding a daily astronomical image. I am trying to imagine the kind of people who clamored for an online place to air their thoughts and opinions about this this particular online installment. People united in their common desire to confer and discuss with others who feel as strongly about daily astronomy as they themselves. "I must know what people's favorite APOD is. Why can't I discuss it with other APOD aficionados in an interactive online environment? Something must be done!"

Of course, the questions are actually mostly astronomical inquiries from curious amateurs, and anything that helps people learn about astronomy is a good thing...blah blah blah. So the commenters get my approval, but the APOD management is inching ever closer to my list.

Yeah geniuses, we've never seen the Sombrero Galaxy before.