December 31, 2007

Topography of 2007: A Blag in Review

It's time for some self-aggrandizement!

2007 was a good year for the web-log. Other than the summer and mid-fall, I actually wrote a fair amount. Among this year's accomplishments, I gave the site an even more abstract name, showed the world I can create peculiar line drawings and managed to get linked to from Slate, Backreaction, Cosmic Variance, and so forth. Just for fun I went back and picked my favorite piece from each month.

January: The Job Market Just Got a Little Smaller. Friends of friends are constant sources of humor.
February: 371 Years of Treason. A brief summary of why I hate Connecticut.
March: Obligatory. I don't like Duxbury, MA much either.
April: #107 With A Bullet. A tale of senseless violence, against telescope mirrors.
May: More APOD Bashing. Although "Eponymity in Physics" is more upstanding and non-hateful, but for inexplicable hatred for the Astronomy Picture of the Day this post has no equal. Sooner or later, one of those guys is going to send a goon to my house.
June: Galileo's Luxurious House Arrest. Taking shots at Conservapedia is about as easy as it gets, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
July: Amusement Park Photos. July was a slow month.
August: Dr. Accidental Electrocution. So was August.
September: Where the Dumb People Live. Using census data to confirm my elitist views. I don't think we finished Reconstruction. Freaking Samuel Tilden.
October: YLEM. Enough said.
November: Some Bubble Updates. For some reason, I thought I wrote more in November...
December: This would have to be that 4 part Stupidity Supernova thing. Parts I, II, III, IV.

This seems like a good time to thank the people who read this. I am puzzled by but grateful for your existence. Please continue to judge my ramblings with the knowledge that I have willingly chosen a career path where an extensive knowledge of Star Trek is socially beneficial. So thanks again, and have a great New Year!