May 10, 2005

it's about freakin' time

my long absence? i don't have anything to say about it. there were some exams, there was some homework, there was a hell of a lot of apathy. i did, however, manage to attend a misty baseball game last sunday, and i can prove it. here's a picture:

yes, that's me on the left channelling bob dole. the game itself was pretty humdrum but the sox finally managed to win one that i went to. surely a monkey off their backs.

on the way out we saw a food cart with the slogan "see the the food..." on its umbrella. chevy chase references aside i'm pretty sure they were cannibalizing their patrons. even more mysteriously, a car on the way home had the most cryptic bumper sticker i've ever come across. "no!, no! use a washer!" with a picture of an anthropomorphic screw chasing an anthropomorphic nut. now, enthusiasm for washers is reasonable enough, but i can't help but wonder why would someone be so open about it.