December 24, 2006

A Gift of Joy

Here are some funny videos, as my Christmas gift to you people who ever read this or stumble across it. There is absolutely no connecting theme to these, they don't even have anything to do with X-Mas.

This penguin will probably be your boss in 5 years.

OK Go. I saw them in concert opening for TMBG before they were famous. My friend said she could tell they were going to be moderately sucessful. If they had done this tredmill thing at the time, there would have been no doubt,

Not really in the same catagory as these other clips, but still a nice sentiment. The whole interview is here.

Hilariously bad robber.

What part of "lockbox" don't you understand?

Improv Everywhere, the group that once set up a time loop in a starbucks sending about 80 "fake" employees into a Best Buy store.

An honest couple.

Space invaders with humans. Truly an impressive accomplishment.

You have probably seen this already. I don't care, it is holiday-themed.