October 21, 2005

photo retrospecticus

last summer's digicam purchase has paid dividends in the form of digiphotos. here are some of my favorites.

from a crazy august fair in connecticut. we went inside, the aquatic life was pretty underwhelming, though it was, as the sign promised, 'alive.'

i also bought some fries from this place. they were pretty underwhelming as well.

the aforementioned fries upset my stomach, preventing me from going on rides like this. my girlfriend is on it though. she's the hot one.

this is a patrotic mailbox made by one of my mother's students. i guess they love america or something.

here's a chicken i spotted in the stop and shop parking lot, just minding its own business. i guess the poulty in the rotisserie is local.


i just like this picture, i don't know why.

the furnace.

the carport. i cleaned it.

a cactus (plastic) on my automobile, the iron eagle.

about an hour down i-89 there is this antenna cheaply disguised as a tree. a tree with a perfectly vertical trunk that sticks up about 50 feet from the surrounding foliage. let's see a close-up.

oh yeah. there it is.

my personal favorite. at first glance an ordinary cat lounging on a table, yet on closer inspection an evil doppelganger cat is evident.