April 24, 2007

Carina Nebula: Eat it APOD!

I am going to take a page out of Zosia's book and post this fantastic panorama of the Carina Nebula just released by Hubble. Amazingly, the area in this photo of constant starbirth actually spans 50 light-years. It consists of 48 pictures incorporated seamlessly together with "Red correspond[ing] to sulfur, green to hydrogen, and blue to oxygen emission." It will almost certainly be tomorrow's Astronomy Picture of the Day, so it gives me pleasure to preempt them like this, as imaginary revenge for this time, when they beat me to an awesome photo of the Orion Bullet Pillars. Plus, I turned it on its side and enbiggened it, because I know enough to tell that it doesn't matter which side is up. Unlike those APOD jerks...

Update: As usual, we were right. Now the question becomes, why is APOD so afraid to admit that they were beaten to the punch?


Zosia A. C. Krusberg said...


we both rock.


Zosia A. C. Krusberg said...

ps. this is now the background on my computer. it's just too pretty.

(would a male physicist say such a thing, i wonder?) :)

(Ryan) said...

Ha! You called it alright.

A male physicist (and I believe I speak for all of them) would absolutely say such a thing. But he would not be brave enough to call it "pretty." He'd use a term like "awesome" or, being from a certain region that I happen to be from, "wicked awesome." If he wanted to be sophisticated about it he would disclaim it by adding that he meant "awesome" in the traditional sense in that it inspires awe. But as usual, he would be lying to himself.