August 8, 2006

open letter

dear al gore,

you have placed a lot of emphasis on the 0th and 1st laws of thermodynamics.* now is the time to begin raising awareness about the 2nd: keeping entropy low. at least CO2 can be reabsorbed, entropy only goes up! what would our lives be like if the entropy became too high to find your car keys or pair socks correctly? do you really want to live in a world where our great-grandchildren have to eat the peas all mixed in with the mashed potatoes? (eww, gross). fortunately, there are steps we can take to keep entropy low. they range from avoiding temperature changes, to reducing the number of choices people are allowed, to rolling up the bottom of the toothpaste. every little bit helps. please spend several minutes talking about this in your slide lectures. i can make you a graph.

yours truly,
concerned citizen

ice caps melting. conservation of energy.