April 13, 2013

Moving on over

Grad School has taken a lot out of my blogging frequency. Yet after a couple years, I have started to feel that my many witty remarks and insight are just going unshared with the world. So my buddy Dave and I have created a group blog called Aitch-bar.

Will I ever return to Topography of Ignorance? Maybe. Probably. Even so, it is sometimes necessary to "blow it up" when it comes to certain marginally creative endeavors and start anew. I promise the new blog will be even more pointless and esoteric than this was.

Some good entries from it so far:
Observations on Observing
Swimming Tips
“Movie” Review: Boa vs Python (2004)

Physics Art Show Submission "Domeflat: SUPA00398520"
Where's My Planck Beach Ball?
Ask a Nazi Officer who is Frantically Reacting to the Invasion of Berlin