November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving quote of the day:

"Some people just don't know how boring they are!!"

-My Mother's Cousin, in a brief digression on the annoyance caused by co-workers with tiresome pictures of and chatter about grandchildren. She then promptly returned to conversation about the quality of meatballs at different shops around Providence, the price of gutter repair, and the bargin of vacationing in Nova Scotia.

November 15, 2006

Fun with end times

Most internet people probably already knew about this, but I didn't so I am making a note of it. The Rapture Index, a "prophetic speedometer of end time activity" is keeping an eye on the coming of the apocalypse. They assign numerical values to categories like "satanism," "volcanoes," "interest rates," "moral standards," and worst of all "civil rights" and then sum them for an overall number that reveals how quickly we are rushing toward Armageddon. The number is then assessed in this way:

Rapture index of 85 and below: slow prophetic activity
Rapture index of 85 to 110: moderate prophetic activity
Rapture index of 110 to 145: heavy prophetic activity
Rapture index above 145: fasten your seat belts

Right now, we're at a 159 with some recent updates on "Nuclear Nations: North Korea is causing other nations to contemplate going nuclear" and "Liberalism: Democrats take control of the U.S. Congress." (didn't non-liberals allow NK to get the bomb in the first place?) and for some comparison, the all-time high was 182 on Sept 24 2001, and the low was 57 in Dec 1993. So we're almost at the level we were at right after 9/11. Yeah, that makes sense.

In any case, I am expecting a Firefox extension that puts the index in a little box on the bottom of my browser window. I can't wait 'til everybody gets raptured up and I can take their stuff.