December 26, 2007

Wonkette Can Suck It

Like many states, Rhode Island has a signature requirement to get on the primary ballot. Unlike many other states though, we moved up the filing date to the rather unusual December 26th, and only 3 candidates have pulled in the 1,000 needed to qualify, as of a few days ago. Obama, Guiliani, and the HRC all have at least a thousand, but Rudy only barely, and there is a good chance he'll need more, since a certain fraction of signatures are always phony. If that happens, and none of the other candidates rally, the only choice on the GOP ballot will end up being "uncommitted," which is just hilarious.

Unfortunately though, some loser website for losers was hating on the Ocean State for this state of affairs (Wonkette: Rhode Island Can Suck It). "Oh, whatever, who gives a shit about Rhode Island anyway? They probably have, like, negative electoral votes." Pretty much every state has a requirement like this, it isn't our fault if your shitty candidate can't muster a piddling 1000 signatures. Oh no, people won't be able to vote for Huckabee! This is supposed to be a bad thing? And saying we have "negative electoral votes," even lamer. If more states voted the way we do, the country would be in better shape--RI makes extremely prescient political decisions come election-time. For all their clout, Florida and Texas are not exactly a brain-trust. Providence Daily Dose puts it well,

So we require 1,000 signatures. That’s nothing new. Shouldn’t getting 1,000 Rhode Islanders to fucking sign of piece of paper be a doable task for a person who wants to be the elected leader of the country?...

The real entity that can suck it is whatever parallel universe coughed up the lousy d-bags who make up the bulk of our 20 candidates and who are apparently less inspiring then we might have given them credit for, and also the stupid system that makes us so neglectable. We’re a casualty of war. We’re a victim here. Suck it?

Besides, if the other candidates really need those signatures so badly, they can swing by the North Burial Ground just like everyone else.

h/t Prov Daily Dose

Update: "Republicans Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul and Democrat Christopher Dodd have submitted enough validated signatures to appear on Rhode Island’s March 4 primary ballots, according to local boards of canvassers." Projo