May 21, 2007


Despite my 'absence' I will offer a brief unrelated baseball prediction which may be fulfilled in the next several years. I think that managers will start differentiating between different types of pitches in pitch counts -- at least for hurlers who throw pitches of varying strenuousness. I am tired of seeing Wakefield getting treated with the same metric as guys who don't throw 70 mph floaty-dopey fluttah balls. For example, you could count fastballs and splitters as 1, while making curveballs and changes .75, and knuckleballs .5. It would probably be possible to model more accurately how far pitchers can go into game. Of course, someone would have to come up with better values for the different pitches but I am sure that someone will think of this soon enough. If they're smart.


Valerie said...

I'm getting re-interested in baseball. Amazing, but I lost interest during the strike several years ago. Did Wakefield use to play for the Blue Jays?

(Ryan) said...

The strike was more than a few years ago, but as long as you are getting back into it!

Wakefield never played for the Jays, but Mike 'Iron Eagle' Timlin did. He closed out the World Series they won in 1992.