May 15, 2007

List of Zones (updated!)

Neutral zone, zone of avoidance, zone of alienation, Twilight Zone, thermal zone, torrid/temperate/frigid zones, 'the' zone, match-up zone (of the zone defense), zone of inhibition, zone of aeration, zone of accumulation, Zone Horror, zone of ablation, death zone, zone of exclusion, zone of habitability, zones of occupation (Allied, Soviet, German, etc), zone of subduction, zone of stability (laser, nuclear), zone of wastage, convection zone.

Update 5/28: quake zone, danger zone, red zone, industrial zone, radiation zone, safety zone, Brillouin zone, calzone.


risha said...

how come you've left out the obvious?
Quake zone
Danger zone
Red zone??

or are you actually going on about something completely different?? =s

Valerie said...

... and then there is
industrial zone,
safety zone,
radiation zone,
and calzone.