May 5, 2007

Hovering Sombrero

Yesterday, I took those APOD doofuses to the wheelhouse. My parting shot was a reflection on the ubiquity of the Sombrero Galaxy. Not that it isn't a nice place or anything, just that it's like the first picture you see in astronomy. So of course, what is today's APOD? M104. And not just an ordinary photo, today's shows it across multiple radiation spectra! As if to say "You don't like the Sombrero? Here's four fucking Sombreros! How do you like me now?!" Typical immature Astronomy Picture of the Day behavior.


risha said...

lmao the way you complain is hilarious. but hey, for an amateur like me, APOD is the kinda thing that makes me wna move to Titan or wherever...but you get credit too seeing as if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't have known about it. Thanks! It's almost like you advertise for them. =)