April 2, 2007

Shameless video post

A borderline creepy video displaying the bizarre "Kaye Effect," a fluid flow thing where a thin column of shampoo ejects a second flowing tendril of the substance. This video is captivating but somehow unsettling. I can't quite put it in words but I suspect it is to do with the music or the organic-looking nature of the liquid.

[Credit: Lucas]

Video #2 is features hideous floating blobs of water. Most of the scientific understanding that this contributes to the world involves looking at how cool it is. I guess playing with water in zero-g is pretty much all the space shuttle is good for anyway (besides serving Hubble).

And because all things come in threes, I am compelled to link to this trio of kinematics-demonstrating, and therefore baser, videos. (Meaning that they are less sophisticated than my usual high-brow content, of course.) Billiard tricks,
nothing unsettling here, though I would say that it is best viewed on mute. You'll understand why. [Credit goes here]. And lastly, these even baser, even lower-brow clips of some medieval-era physics: a human slingshot, and a poorly-thought out bowling ball experiment of some type. The type of things for which YouTube was invented.