April 4, 2007

Let's Play Gyroball; and Curt Schilling Probably Hates me

The secret government in charge of the universal weather machine seem to have missed the fact that baseball has started, since it has been snowing here all day. The opener didn't go quite as well as we would have liked, but would I attribute that mostly to Curt's switch from mostly RPG-gaming to weblogging, which everyone knows is much harder on the elbows. He'll get it together soon enough. Incidentally, The Sock seems to be have stopped by this site a while ago, when he had just started his blog. I saw that a Floridian IP was directed from the admin page of 38pitches.com right after I wrote a short post about his new endevor. This was a pretty disconcerting experience since I had jokingly referred to Mr. Schilling (whose player t-shirt I happened to be wearing at the time) as "pompous" in it. Obviously, since St. Curt has not only been stooping down among the mortals who maintain respected Sox blogs by starting his own, but also to the unpopular grad student-run websites, he should know that this was intended in a jocular way.

It was right before I fixed this page to work in Explorer so he probably didn't even get to read it, but if he did, and was offended, and somehow found the time to check out people linking to him during the actual season, allow me to suck up to you by pointing out that: (a) I rated you in the top 20 all-time Red Sox (Socks?), unlike the actual people running the countdown; (b) when you were rehabbing in 2005 my dad and I came out to see you pitch in Pawtucket on the 4th of July; (c) I've got like 2 cards from early in your career in Houston and Baltimore (and I am holding on to them instead of selling them for the thousands of dollars I assume they are worth); (d) as previously stated I own one of your jersey t-shirts and wear it often. Presumably, I am dead to him despite all this, and next time he's on EEI he'll find some way to get in a dig on physics grad students, but I still think his blog has exceeded all expectations and the curly haired boyfriends of the world can go to hell.

In other news, the long wait is finally over. Matsuzaka time has arrived, giving me a flimsy excuse to stick this video up. Gyroball: threat or menace? You decide.