November 28, 2005

loose ends

  • 4 years and thousands upon thousands of dollars for my science education and i was unaware of this phenomenon. i'm a sham.
  • i could crank this one out in about 15 minutes. red sox → determinism → new england calvinistic world view → dan shaughnessy's morgage. remind me again what the aforementioned dollars were for when i could much more easily major in nonsense and get the same diploma? not to mention the career that can be made in stating the obvious. now a career of stating the non-obvious about things that most people are not only indifferent towards, but often unaware of? that'll cost you.
  • einstein visited dartmouth at some point. this is a picture of him with college president ernest fox nichols (1909-1916). very little seems to be known about his visit. i can't even tell what building they are standing in front of--it certainly isn't the physics one. plus, einstein didn't even visit the u.s. until 1921, so i don't know. maybe it was taken somewhere else. sorry.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I sent you that link! You stole that link! And gave me no credit! So, to not be a hypocrite, I will thank the one who showed me - Dan Kelmenson, who will never read this blog was the one who showed it to me, and I showed it to you.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Those are the steps leading up to the art library, Sherman. And *OF COURSE* Einstein was here to visit. Homeboy lived in Princeton, NJ for 15 years.