March 29, 2005

public service announcement

it has recently come to my attention that two handbooks of particle physics are available free of charge to anyone who requests them. a nifty pocket-size reference of everything currently known about the elementary particles, and an enormous tome that nobody in their right mind would want. i don't know why they do this or who pays for them but this is exactly the way the world should work. even if i didn't like physics i think i would get one, just because i could.

hold your applause.


Matt Alexander said...

This is true. Everyone can use these books, whether for showing off to fellow co-workers, intimidating the easily confused, or burning them under that overpass you call your home while you share some homemade hobo wine with your favorite vagrants. And for those of you who have enemies, multiple copies can be duct-taped together to provide an economical body armor that is also ecologically friendly, albeit cumbersome. I'm not saying it'll save your life, but if it does, you'll have particle physics to thank (both on the scale of the books subject matter, and the fact that it will be actual particles deflecting the blow).