March 31, 2005

the logic of trees

you can buy planters that allow you to grow flowers, tomatoes, herbs, or peppers upside down like so:

which reminded me of an exhibit i saw at mass moca in the berkshires a few years ago called tree logic.

as you can see, it utilizes the same principle: upside-down plants. finally, art that i can get behind. someone named natalie jeremijenko* made it. i don't have any profundity cued up to say about either of these things, just that looking at the growth responses of plants is interesting. it would also be interesting to grow an infant upside-down to the age of 15. you could rig up some sort of moving coat-rack with ankle shackles and let him push himself around with his hands. or maybe design some pedals that move the wheels on the bottom and a rudder-like handle for steering near the base. sure! i'll bet he'd have a swell childhood, playing sports with the other kids and being on shows like dateline and 20/20. i know i would love to be on shows like that! and if you eventually let him down from his contraption he would probably always be cocking his head to the side to look at things and falling down because his leg muscles were underdeveloped. very avant-garde. yes, i will seek taxpayer money from the national endowment for the arts to fund this outrage. i will call him person logic and he will make me famous.

*apparently she also once hooked up a motion detector to the san francisco bay bridge to record the jumpers and then graphed them against the stock market. unless she did this over a few years i doubt that she got anything, the trees are much better.