December 9, 2008

There Are Better Sources of Riboflavin

An annoying girl in my morning math class was drinking out of a pint-sized half-and-half carton today. One of the types with the plastic screw top.

There are two possibilities here, and I don't know which is worse. Either she was drinking cream, as advertised (at least having the good sense to cut it with milk). Or she finished using the container and said to herself "Now this thing would be perfect for storing liquids in! I should wash it out, refill it with a commonly accepted beverage, and take it with me to use in public."

This is only the latest in the string of extremely weird dietary choices my friend and I have spotted among students of this class. Last week a different girl was consuming what appeared to be individually wrapped balls of dough with jelly on the inside. We spent much of class debating the meaning of this item. Before that, there was someone chowing down on gray, pencil-sized sticks of something out of a crinkly wrapper. There is only one class left, and I'm hoping to see a candy apple or a gigantic turkey drumstick.


andria said...

I hope someone comes to class with a large piece of fruit that requires a lot of preparation before being edible-- like on that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is serving jury duty, and some guy bring a pineapple and a mango with him.

Or else, I hope the 1/2 & 1/2 girl brings a slightly larger carton-- the quart size, for instance, let's it set on the desk for a while, then chugs it after which she loudly exclaims, "warm! just how I like it!"

Jere said...

A co-worker of mine (at the overnight factory job) used to bring coconuts to work. Fun stuff.