December 6, 2008

Galileo Galileo!

It is well known among astronomers that Brian May, the guitarist from Queen has a PhD in astrophysics. The interesting part is that he was a graduate student at the time Queen took off, nearly finished with his dissertation, only to return a few years ago and complete his degree. He had published in Nature, and MNRAS on topics of interplanetary dust, but the lure of worldwide rock & roll fame overtook him, as it does many a prospective astronomer.

Sure, they may spend 30 years touring the world, earning millions of dollars and adoring fans, but they always come back for the radial velocities of dust clouds. That's where the real action is. (Fewer groupies though...)

NPR's Day to Day - Queen's Brian May Rocks an Astrophysics Rhapsody


Jere said...

Wow, so we both post a Queen pic on our blogs within a few weeks. The drummer doesn't look quite as much like Jon Papelbon in your pic as he does in mine.