May 8, 2008

I Hate Everything Too

For your reading pleasure, while unreliable bloggers like me remain busy and unreliable, I recommend some new things I've come across recently, in addition to all that stuff already on the sidebar:

  • Jacks of Science features some excellent writing. I hesitate to use the phrase 'science humor' because that sounds pretty non-humorous, but it's somewhere in that category. Posts like "Super Slow Motion is the New Slow Motion" with it's Coolness vs. Speed of Time graph and "Top 10 Greatest Video Game Scientists" are especially good.
  • ReducedMass is a good place for semi-offbeat science news with an emphasis on physics/astronomy. It's straightforward, not hard to understand to a non-scientist, but not uninteresting to a non-non-scientist.
  • I Hate Everything features a quint-weekly take-down of something, with the most vehement disdain. Nothing is too obscure or rarefied. Examples include "Why has siding become an acceptable building material?" and "Why don't people know what it is that light years measure?" For some reason, even when I don't agree with her, I still like reading it. Frankly I'm sort of jealous that she came up with this idea before me. As someone who hates a lot of stuff, and has a reputation for jokingly* looking down my nose at many things, something like this would have given me an endless supply of easy posts. Maybe if I shamelessly copy the format I can get written up.
    *not really jokingly