March 12, 2008

Prepare to be Blown Away relativistic asteroids.

Someone has taken the already ultra-realistic classic arcade video game Asteroids and added the one element it was sorely lacking, relativity. Of course, Asteroids already featured 2D warped spacetime, but now, there are Lorentz contractions too! If they could only manage to factor in the quantum hall effect, it could outsell Halo.

[via Uncertain Principles]


Doug said...

The topology really weirds things up. Now you get strange effects being at light speed, but null paths are not necessarily the fastest way to get to a place. It's quite interesting. My only complaint is that if you end a level near an edge, you are likely to be instantly killed upon respawn. I support wholeheartedly though, much more fun than my math HW!

Jere said...

Funny you should mention the edge thing. The solution: When you're down to one asteroid left, get yourself nice and situated in the middle before you kill that last one. I love Nine 'Roid. I can't seem to score above 0 though.