February 9, 2008

Only the Room is Virtual -- the Waiting is all too Real*

Jan 26. Regular Red Sox ticket sales. I sign onto the ticket buying website at 10am, and spend hours in the Virtual Waiting Room™ with no success. My prospects of visiting Fenway this year appear slim.

Feb 6. Email from the lottery machine, letting me know that it has deigned to permit me to try, just try, buying tickets to one of this year's "special" games.

Feb 9. - 12:00pm I sign into the Virtual Waiting Room™.

10:11pm I actually get through the waiting room, and buy some sweet obstructed view seats. At least they're for Opening Day.

*Title shamelessly stolen from Jere.


Oberon said...

......it's time to change the world......you with me?

Fresh from the Source said...

Just curious. Were you time travelling? Signed in at 12 pm; got in at 10:ll pm. However you did it, congratulations on getting the good seats.

(Ryan) said...

The only time traveling I was doing was forwards, and at the usual rate. 12pm as in noon, meaning that it was a 10 hr wait. And I'm fairly sure they are terrible seats, but it is going to the game at all that I'm interested in, so I'm excited nonetheless.