December 23, 2007

Those Theiving Australians

My friend Chris is a filmmaker. And of course, being the style of the times, he puts many of his films on YouTube. And also being the style of the times, some Australian high-schoolers liked his parody of the French New Wave style so much that they made a homage to his work. Nonetheless, finding out that antipodeans decided to remake a film not well known outside of New Bedford (though deserving to be) came as a bit of a surprise. Such is the magic and splendor of the internet. I guess being a remake of a remake puts it in the same rare category as West Side Story and that recent sub-par Superman, but imitation is the sincerest flattery. And I certainly enjoyed watching their work-- it might be a while before we get to see another recreation of something set at UMASS Dartmouth.

Chris's Original:

Francois, Je T'Adore (2006)

And the knock-off:

Jumpcut, une trag├ędie (2007)


Bamboo Forest said...

I enjoyed both films; the styles being different enough that comparing them doesn't seem fair outside of comparing styles. In the first one, though, the French don't hold their cigarettes with the index and middle fingers, as Americans do, but rather with the index finger and thumb.

Au revoir.