December 8, 2007

Mystery force

Hubble has a nice new site about dark energy. In addition to a flash-type thing complete with creepy music, they have some other more in depth pages afterwards. This introduction they used is so vague and eerie (and misleading).

Scientists have found an unexplained force that is changing our universe,
forcing galaxies farther and farther apart,
stretching the very fabric of space faster and faster.
If unchecked, this mystery force could be the death of the universe,
tearing even its atoms apart.

We call this force dark energy.



Doug said...

Using lambda as though it were an A is a pet peeve of mine. It is a good way to weed out shitty "Greek" restaurants or diners though.

(Ryan) said...

Is that better than than using O as capital theta, as your greek brethren have been known to do?

Doug said...

This only happens in things like blitzmail that don't support other fonts. Or if you're too lazy to change fonts, like on AIM. I lobbied for ATh for a while but it's awkward.

Doug said...

Oh my, you got a shoutout on CV! This is even better than the Slate one.