December 3, 2007

Backreaction to the Future

I just realized that I've had this post in my 'drafts' folder for two months or so. But it isn't especially timely anyway, so here it is.

Check out this (sample from) Mark J.'s excellent list of movie titles, altered to be more physicsy.

The Bourne Approximation
Anyon Hall
Rebel without Causality
The Ampere Strikes Back
Thermal Reservoir Dogs
The Silence of the Lamb Shift
Weekend at Bernoulli's
It's a Wonderful Half-life
Dial M-theory for Murder
The Graduate (Student)
The Minkowski Candidate
Colloquium for a Dream
Riemann Holiday
Deriving Mrs. Daisy
De Sitter House Rules
Quantum Field of Dreams
The Rocky Kolb Picture Show
Least Action Hero
Broken Back Symmetry
A Manifold for All Seasons
Singularity in the Rain
Heat Death of a Salesman
Carnot Knowledge
American Pi
Bride of Einstein
Groundstate Day
Kolb and Turner and Hooch
The French Metric Connection
UV for Ultravendetta
Backreaction to the Future
Bohr on the Fourth of July
Apocalypse Yau
A Brief History of the World, Part I
Blazing Saddle Points
Total Derivative Recall
Black Hawking Down
Top Quark Gun
Dragnet Coefficient
The Natural (Units)
Dielectric Another Day
The Fantastic Fourier
Majorana League
Phantom of the Operator
Fixed Pointe Blank
L.A. Conformal
And contributed by yours truly,
Manhattan (Project)
Lost in Coordinate Translation
Full list here.

Hat tip Emergence. Oh, and Cosmic Variance even gets in on it (see the update)!


Anonymous said...

A movie in production, based on a Canadian book, The Life of Pi. How about adding a pretty obvious, The Life of Pi R Squared.

(Ryan) said...

That is gold.