October 3, 2007

Ricoh: Worse Than Enron

At long last, the world has a printer ad featuring Australian fashion models discussing the philosophy of quantum mechanics. 'Well that took long enough!' you are no doubt saying to yourself. And indeed it did. But now that they finally made it, we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief, right?


Yes, Ricoh's ad agency did make the connections between models, Australia, and Quantum Physics on their own. But they, just like nearly half of all professional models, don't know enough about QM to come up with convincingly authentic dialog for a commercial. So they stole it from Scott Aaronson. For shame Ricoh! I think you owe Dr. Aaronson an apology. In writing. And you have to mean it this time. And some free paper wouldn't hurt either.

[via Seed's Daily Zeitgeist]


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