June 25, 2007

Proletarian Cartoon Characters of the World, Unite!

I had a really horrid math teacher in high school, who sucked all the fun out of calculus and looked like a well-groomed dwarf. He was even capable of being horribly racist, despite the fact that many of the best students in our class were from other countries. (One day to a late student: "What's wrong Jang-Won, still on Tokyo time?" to which a large, menacing friend of mine flatly replied "Jang is Korean. You're a racist." Teacher made frustrated dwarf noise, returned to lecture.) Even the other teachers made no secret of the fact that they hated him. In the last week of school I signed him up for the Communist party newsletter. I wonder whether he enjoyed it.

Of course, if it was anywhere near as entertaining as this bizarre reading of the Communist Manifesto set to old cartoons, there would have been no doubt. I can't figure out where they got the idea to do this, or whether they are pro or and anti communism, but whatever the case may be, it works. (It probably helps that they skipped over the stuff about starving to death or getting shipped to Siberia by secret police.) Note that Micky is always depicted as the
bourgeoisie mouse that we know him to be. I think that you could use cartoon relics like these to argue pretty much anything you want.

[via ToM]


Zosia A. C. Krusberg said...

perhaps, but more importantly, they definitely have heard of you. :)

Zosia A. C. Krusberg said...

no one's been offended that i've spoken to at least! quite the opposite, most people are impressed. :)