May 22, 2007

Hot Hot Heat

Sometimes I have to hand it to those APOD hacks. Even if they are pompous frauds who think their privileged selection of photos makes the world go round, they occasionally dig up something excellent. True to form, today's installment is in no way a 'picture,' even though it is really cool. Rather, it is a time-lapse of the surface of the sun, shot in super-duper high definition. Amazingly, each one of those solar 'granules' is the size of an Earth continent. Much appreciation to the observers and those who assembled this stunning clip. Continuing derision to the posers who pointed it out. Way to link to the Wikipedia article for 'Sun' in your 'explanation by a professional astronomer,' APOD. Real professional.
[Or AVOD, or ANPOD or whatever you should be called on one of the days when you don't live up to your name.]


risha said...

if i didn't know better, i'd have thought you're.....almost...jealous? of the 'APOD hacks'. yes, i just said that.

"people would miss my absence"
i don't exactly miss your absence, i do, however, miss your presence. is the fortnight of Topographic Silence over yet??

(Ryan) said...

That's nice of you to say. I literally meant a fortnight at the time, that's when I'll be done with the crushing burden of end-of-year stuff, but I'll probably manage to eek out a few link type things. The cone of relative silence remains in effect.