April 1, 2007

String Theory: the pure product of Unfettered Intellect

Chad Orzel, voice of the downtrodden experimental physics blogger, wins April Fool's Day with today's admission of subordinacy to the to high-minded theorists, working in the most far-flung corners of abstract thought. Mostly he just channels Lubos Motl, best known for his ability to believe that the evidence for string theory is strong while simultaneously believing that the evidence for global warming is weak.

Physics is of greater worth than biology, theoretical physics is more worthy than experimental physics, and high-energy particle theory is the most fundamental and important field in the history of human thought...
Let us be clear: the entire history of human culture has been nothing more than a steady progression from liberalism and crude experimental science to the twin pinnacles of George Bush and string theory.
Only when theoretical physics is completely cut free of piddling concerns about matching physical reality can it reach its fullest flowering, as a pure product of unfettered intellect.
Let go of your petty objections, drink this Kool-Aid, and revel in the eleven-dimensional glory of what is undoubtedly the greatest creation in the history of human culture.
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