April 17, 2007

Slice of the Day

This year's Patriot's Day game was severely disappointing compared with last year's. There was that lousy rain delay forcing the game from its unique AM start, generally crappy weather onwards, and unlike the 2006 walk-off HR, this year's game was basically decided in the first inning. All of which may have been contributing the rage that bubbled over yesterday in the form of an unprovoked pizza throw.

During an unsuccessful reach for a fly ball in the left field stands, some poor guy had a slice of cheese pizza lobbed at him for no clear reason. As we all knew it would be, the moment was notorious enough to warrant an entire column in the Herald today:

“I’ve never caught a foul ball in my life,” said Brookline’s Sole, 30, between innings. “It’s been my dream to catch one. That’s the closest I’ve ever come. The pizza just thwarted it.”

Tragic. But of course, tragedy + time = comedy, and since the tragedy here was rather small it only took about a minute for Remy and Orsillo to start combing over the footage like the Zapruder Film. The moment where they spontaneously stick that "Pepsi Fan of the Game" underneath him, priceless.