April 23, 2007

Antipodes Attract

From Strange Maps, a blog documenting the cartographical oddities of the world, comes this chart of Earth's prime tunneling locations. The dark blue indicates antipodes, the places that you could go straight through the planet and come out the other side. As usual, real life disappoints by placing most of the places that I live opposite some useless ocean. Most of the dry land located in opposition is in one of those second-rate hemispheres, like the "Southern" or the "Eastern." Lame. Imagine the disappointment of someone trying to dig their way out of Siberia and ending up in Antarctica.

They are also smart in pointing out this Earth sandwich project: a group committed to the idea of placing slices of bread at precisely opposite points of the planet at exactly the same moment. [It was achieved between folks in Spain and New Zealand.]

Other Strange Map highlights include the most generic map ever, the last surviving territory of East Germany, and the secret Soviet plan to remove the entirety of North America, to name a few.