February 23, 2007


An unusual thing just happened. For whatever reason the cable TV hiccuped, but continued to broadcast a still image of the screen without sound. This itself isn't so strange, no one can know the ways of the TV network malfunctions, but it certainly led to a bizarre learning experience. When it stopped I just sort of stared at it for about 7 seconds, looked around the room to see if anything was moving, then automatically checked my watch. The seconds were ticking by, confirming my original suspicion that it was the television that had ceased to work properly, not the passage of time.

I know this sounds like I'm just being smart-alecky, but it was my actual, unthinking, reaction. I had a 99% certainty about it being a cable problem, but some part of me wanted to rule out the time-freeze alternative decisively. No matter how sober and evidence-based your style of thinking may be, you can never stop these funny little quirks from slipping in there.