August 14, 2006

phase airspace

the department of homeland security has prohibited one of the three states of matter on planes.* we can all rest easier with this color coded phase diagram breaking down the risks involved. thank you cosmic variance!

on the other hand, these varying amounts of alertness will probably make lunch kind of tricky.

*would they be alright with you freezing a big block of gatorade and bringing that with you along with some cups? can you eat powdered hot chocolate out of those bags? what is the attitude toward aerosol products--liquid in the cannister, gas when sprayed? or those sponge toys that get bigger when you put them in water, can you bring the "enlarged" version with you? these questions are vital to our american security. these and "when can expect to get slathered in flame retardant foam and strapped into those hannibal lector carts for all flights?"