July 19, 2005

escort me away! (pun warning in effect)

for how many years did it seem this day would never come? finally (as of 7-1-05), a car to call my own, and such a stylish one too. ok, actually, the above picture is a bit of a decoy. mine is a '97 ford escort wagon, but i challenge you to find a picture of one online, its total absence is a bit of an internet anomaly in my opinion. expect a 1984-esque purging of all 1997 black ford escort wagon owners carried out in the near future under the auspices of the war on terror. the current derth of photos is an obvious indicator of the bush administration's effort to wipe us from america's collective memory before they carry out the extermination.


Anonymous said...

There will have to be mad Boston area colloquium roadtrips.