April 7, 2005

bottoming out

i think i just heard a cat food commercial narrated by david duchovny. now seems like about the right time for his carreer to hit its nadir, but he's really taking his decline seriously, i mean, cat food. that's going out with a bang!

i also just saw a commercial with cars riding on only the front two or back two tires. "why have four wheels if you don't use them?" the message being: this is what non-4-wheel drive is. well, it's not, but that isn't what i noticed. there was one of those tiny messages on the bottom of the screen that said "professional drivers, closed course. do not attempt." how would anyone watching even know how to go about attempting it? "yeah, i was thinking of filling my trunk with cement and just driving around with the front of my car 6 feet in the air. i saw it in this awesome commercial and since there weren't any warnings, immitating it must be ok!"