March 27, 2005

who are these people?

so what is the deal with those parts of seinfeld routines that have obvious flaws? i love his comedy and show as much as anyone else and have probably taken the whole glibness-as-a-lifestyle thing (perfected therein) a little too far myself; and yet, there are a few things in his old stand-up act that really get to me.

what makes me wonder is that he has done these same jokes so much that someone had surely already answered his (purportedly) rhetorical questions by now. for instance, his bit about the mug shots on wanted posters. “why don’t they just keep him there when they’re taking his picture?” simple, because those are from previous arrests. could he really think the police are this stupid, or is he implying that they should have expected those people to commit more crimes? the important thing is that sooner or later someone must have explained the problems with this and he kept doing the joke anyway. another one: “the black-boxes are the only things surviving these crashes, so why don’t they just make the entire plane out of the same thing?” because data recorders are made of steel and planes are aluminum. a black-box plane would be much too heavy to fly. and “how do they know the exact day when milk is going to turn?” no time to look this up? it doesn’t sound that sophisticated, they probably just do bacteria cultures every day until the milk goes bad.

what percentage of his audiences knew the answers to these questions? i would wager a fair amount, and yet he stuck to them, even after he learned too. i don't appriciate that feigned ignorance. there is something wrong with a bunch of people having a laugh about how they don't understand something simple. i mean, c’mon, what is the deal with that?