March 11, 2005

just wondering

somehow i have managed to hear at least 3 references to kennedy's alleged cheating in the 1960 election in the past week. all in the form of "well jfk wouldn't have won if his dad hadn't paid off daly..." or "illinois fraud which may have titled the election..." what no one mentions though is that even if kennedy had lost illinois he would have won the presidency. what's up with that? sure it would be interesting to know if he really did cheat (if you're into that kind of thing...which, actually, i'm not) but it's irrelevant. the vote was 303-219, ill. was only 27. i don't even think a lot of the people who casually bring this up realize that. and i am talking about documentaries and tv programs here. they always throw in that line about a suspicious illinois while talking about how close 1960 was, and it sounds as though it was decisive...but you know, it wasn't. not that i care or anything.