February 8, 2005

the inaugural entry

this is a momentous occasion. the posting by which all further postings will be judged. so i guess i have to say something witty and smart to will prove that i belong in the land of proclaiming-the-minutia-of-my-life-online-for-the-world-to-see and typing-in-all-lower-case.

i should probably also put in the obligatory "i don't know what I'll be posting on this site, probably just my funny observations that i think i have a lot of right now but which i will run out of in several months. oh, and also, i have an idiosyncratic way of writing where i say random uninteresting things about myself in a way that only i find idiosyncratic and interesting. i think the moon is made of peanut butter. there! just like that!"

yes those blog-happy suckers are going to love me. of course, i doubt they'll be reading this, but you get the idea.