February 22, 2005

i wouldn't want to have that health plan

while waiting for the providence-boston bus this afternoon on my way back to school i spotted a small stryrofoam box with a bright orange sticker and a manila envelope on top. it was sitting on top of a trashcan. i elbowed my father and pointed to it saying "hey dad, check it out, an organ transplant. yeah, they decided that's the fastest way to get it there. organs via greyhound!" we had a good laugh about that and as my bus arrived i bid him goodbye. but while boarding i noticed a man in a windbreaker outfit nod to the driver and place the box in the luggage compartment. then he walked away without getting on. when he had moved the container it was turned around, revealing annother bright orange sticker on the opposite side. in large capitals it read "human eyes."

and if that wasn't enough, when we arrived in boston the driver took it out, put it on annother trash can and went about his business. the human eyes waiting unattended for their next windbreakered escort.